Monday, November 28, 2011

Sugar Highs and Lows in Awkward Office

This year at Awkward Office the focus shifted from feeding us to feeding others. There was no Thanksgiving Potluck, but we did collect food for Thanksgiving baskets for those in need. In addition to the employee contributions for the baskets, CEO contributed gift cards for items that were perishable. Our goals for the collection were exceeded and it made me proud to work at Awkward Office.

Once the basket food drive was finished, we moved on to the four day weekend of Thanksgiving week. This means that productivity would decline steadily to midday Wednesday and pretty much snowball downward from there. VP brought cakepops for the office to celebrate Thanksgiving. Delicious. I was craving cake soooo much and this eleviated my craving for cake so I didn't try to make cake in addition to all of the food I'd make the next day.

For the majority of the week, a Costco cake resided in our refrigerator in the office kitchen. The cake was labeled "white cake with 2 pounds of vanilla mousse" which, in a quarter sheet cake, screams "SUGAR RUSH" and Katherine, the HR/Payroll person, decided that after VP's cake pops, we should cut in to the November Birthday Cake before we leave for a four day weekend. Danger. Apparently, much of the office staff did already visit the local IHOP type place for lunch and we've now descended into sugar induced anarchy. It started with Bob, Nick's office neighbor, yelping around about his indigestion. When you eat lunch at the local pancake establishment and then eat Birthday Cake, your stomach is bound to rebel.

Indigestion could certainly be cured by throwing food, right? In Awkward Office the answer is: YES. Bob began to throw his cake pop at Nick as Nick walked past Bob's office, which Nick threw back at him and the war of cake had begun. Bob, Kevin, BigBoss and Katherine were conspiring to attack Nick with Birthday Cake and that is the point when I decided productivity was impossible and I packed up to go home. Nick, in his infinite bossy wisdom, comes around the corner to ask me how much work I had left to do today and I said "not much, I'm taking my laptop home to cook and work."

So there you go, Nick officially approved of my already planned and packed exit and sugar anarchy is in full swing.

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